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14/4/17 LogServer is now v3.1
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LogServer - storage of combat reports from OGame
Plugin: LogServer.net GM script v 3.6.1
Addons for scripts
  Greasemonkey (Firefox) [Website]
  Tampermonkey (Google Chrome) [Website]
LogServer.net scripts
  LogServer.net GM script v.3.4.1 [Download]
General Addons & Scripts
  Antigame Origin [Download] [Website]
  Galaxytoolbar [Download]
  InfoCompte 3 [Install]
  Skynet [Download] [Website]
Addons, Scripts & Bugfixes
OUT OF DATE   Activity Indicator [Install]
  Activitiy star [Install]
OUT OF DATE   Additional Resource Loading Buttons [Install]
  Alliance Chat [Install]
  Alliance icon opens the message box [Install]
  Alliance Stat [Install]
NOT WORK   Antigame OSimulate Mod [Download] [Website]
  Art Galaxy [Install]
  Auction events list [Install]
  Auction Timer [Install]
  Available fields [Install]
  Cargos necessary [Install]
  CerealOgameStats [Install]
  Colored Moon Sizes in Galaxy View [Install]
NOT WORK   CR Converter in ogame page [Download]
  Color Alliance [Install]
  Color Friends [Install]
  Color Flight Flots [Install]
  Direct Colonization [Install]
  Disable attack warner [Install]
  Disable Espionage if Colonization is Available [Install]
  Display Resources [Install]
  Defense Proposer [Install]
  Easy Rider [Install]
OUT OF DATE   Easy Transport [Install]
  ECA-MEF : Script formatting your Ogame empire for forums [Website]
  Espionage report attack button [Install]
  Expeditions statistics [Install]
  Expo Stats [Install]
  Fix the Action Icons [Install]
  Fleetpoints [Install]
OUT OF DATE   Fleet Contents [Install]
  Fleet Empty Space [Install]
  Fleet escape Calculator [Download]
  Fleet Proposer [Install]
  Fleet strength calculator [Install]
  Galaxy Go [Install]
  Galaxy Info User [Install]
  Glotr [Download] [Website]
  Highscore improved [Install]
  Infocompte CR Converter [Download] [Website]
  IRC Webchat module [Install]
  Keyboard Shortcuts [Install]
  Loots bbcode exporter [Install]
  Merchant Warning [Install]
  Mine optimization [Website]
OUT OF DATE   Missing Sats [Install]
OUT OF DATE   Moons to the Right [Install]
  No tactical retreat tip [Install]
NOT WORK   Odd save report [Install]
  OGame find player details [Install]
  OGame Fleet Tool [Install]
  Ogame Notepad [Website]
  ODB - Ogniter [Website]
  OgAPI [Download]
  OPA (Ogame Pratico per Android) [Download] [Website]
  Options in User Name [Install]
NOT WORK   Open Galaxy - public galaxy map [Install]
  Oprojekt exporter bbcode formatted text [Install] [Website]
  [phpBB] OGame-Mod [Download] [Website]
  Perfect Plunder [Install]
  Rankings in tooltip [Install]
  Resources on Transit [Install]
  Resources in Flight [Install]
  Small planets [Install]
  Smilies [Install]
  Script to adapt speedsim and Dragosim [Install]
  SpyShare [Install]
  The All-seeing eye [Download]
  Time left to fill up storage [Install]
  Trade Calculator [Install]
  UniverseView Script [Download] [Website]
  Warning about last fleet slot [Install]
  War Riders Extended [Install]
  Websim Extension [Install]
Addons, Scripts & Bugfixes Board
  OGame Board Improvments [Install]
  Share profit after ACS atac [Download] [Website]
  Share profit after ACS defense [Download] [Website]
  ACS Profit divider windows application 32bit [Download] [Website]
  Anti-ninja calculator & Reminder windows application 32bit [Download] [Website]
  Apportionment resource after ACS [Download] [Website]
  Auctions - Script for easy trade. [Website]
  Calculator [Download]
  CIAP Statistics [Website]
  CR Converter [Website]
  CR-Hosting [Website]
  Cumulative Cost [Website]
  DragoSim [Website]
  Expeditions Calculator [Website]
  Feed Commander (iPhone RSS Reader) [Download] [Website]
  Fleet & defence converter win app 32bit [Download] [Website]
  Fleetsize - Tool [Website]
  Galaxytool hosting [Website]
  Gamestats [Website]
  Geologist windows application 32bit [Website]
  History of changes [Website]
  Kopernik system [Website]
  Moon vs Death Star [Download] [Website]
NOT WORK   New OGame tools collection started [Website]
  Next Gen Ogame Battle Simulator [Website]
  O-Calc [Website]
  O-Tools [Website]
  Ogame RSS Reader [Download]
  OGameTools.com [Website]
  Ogameadviser [Website]
  OgDroid (Ogame client for Android) [Download]
  Optifleet [Download] [Website]
  OGotcha CR converter [Website]
  OGSpy [Download] [Website]
  OProjekt [Website]
  Phalanx Timer [Download]
  Projet AlTernative [Website]
  PwnGameReader - Android OGame RSS Reader [Website]
  Resource converter windows application 32bit [Download] [Website]
  SaveCR [Website]
  SaveKB [Website]
  SpeedSim [Download] [Website]
  Trade Terminal [Website]
  World Ogame Stats of Players and Alliances [Website]
  Magistorm V5
NOT WORK - не работает
OUT OF DATE - неактуальный, реализован в игре или в Antigame Origin
FIXED - исправлен
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